Reverse Blade Sword


A very high quality & unique reverse blade sword.

This extraordinary style of reverse Katana or Sakabato sword, has all of the same dimensions of any standard Japanese Samurai Katana, with the most important difference being the reverse Katana blade edge. This blade reversal changes the weapon from what was essentially a sword saber, to what is now considered a very powerful lopping or cleaver sword. Fully capable of chopping a limb-off clean. 

Intricately decorated with silver & gold color gilded sword fittings, with the most prominent being the dragon themed Tsuba (hand-guard). The dragon represents one of the most powerful mythological god-beasts, famously celebrated not only within Japanese Samurai society, but widely revered throughout the greater far east. Feared, yet respected and loved, the incredibly powerful dragon is drawn to great riches, treasure and is a figure of uncompromising strength. The meaning of such a symbol can be translated to great wealth, power and total dominance. 


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